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Service of the Month - Testimonials

What is a Testimonial?

A testimonial is a reference for your business from your clients that tells your prospective clients that you did a good job, that you offer a good service and people should use your business.

How can myPA Virtual Services help with this? Asking for a Testimonial can be difficult, award or a little embarrassing.  

This is where myPA can help.  We can contact your clients and get the testimonial for you.  

Call us for more information on 01367 246003.


Blog Feed
Jan 29, 2015
The holidays are over and now we have rejuvenated ourselves with plenty of port and turkey, we are brimming with fantastic ideas for the future of our businesses and most of us have taken note of all of these ideas. I personally record all of my ideas and every intricate detail as I think of […]
Dec 09, 2014
I don’t know about you, but myPA are starting to feel very Christmassy and are getting excited about the whole process.  We had a shock when we calculated that there are only 15 shopping days to go.  Christmas does appear to have crept up on us a little, so we are going to put up […]
Oct 17, 2014
What an excellent question.  Should a handwritten envelope be accompanied by a handwritten letter or just a handwritten envelope enough?  It is a fact that handwritten envelopes will get opened before a labelled envelope, more for curiosity than anything else.  What about the contents?  A clear and understandable narrative for the promotion or reason for […]

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